Book a Tie Dye Party

We are happy to now offer our tie dye parties to the public! 

What is a tie dye party?

A tie dye party is a group gathering where we listen to music and have a fun group experience tie dying shirts together. It doesn't matter if you're experienced in the arts, or believe you lack all artistic ability. A Lively Vibes™ team member will be there every step of the way to guide and be of service.

What is included?

We bring the dye, the shirts, the tables and everything else you need to get started dying some beautiful shirts! You will obviously get to keep your creation as well. There are instructions below on washing out your shirt at home or you can give it to your instructor and we will wash it out and ship it to you. 

This is a great team building activity and fun way to make some new merchandise for your business. (We offer shirt printing as well, so we can add a logo.)

Also consider it as an alternative to a traditional birthday party. You get to be surrounded by vibrant colors and get those creative juices flowing with friends and family!

This is a mobile service so we can come to your home/business or set up at a public location. We operate out of southern Colorado. Please reach out to with any questions and current availability or request a date and time below and we will get back to you ASAP!

If you've just tie-dyed a shirt with us at a party, read the instructions below on how to properly wash out your tie-dye!

Wash Out Instructions:

After you've let your shirt sit for at least 12 hours, and up to 48 hours, take your shirt out of the bag and set it in a clean sink. Leave on all rubber bands and materials used to keep it together. If you have any white parts on your shirt that you want to stay white, don't let the white part touch the dyed parts while you're washing out your shirt (this can be a little tricky, just be patient and stick with it!). Start washing out your tie-dye in cold water, while gently massaging and squeezing water and dye out of your shirt. Gradually make the water warmer while you are washing out your shirt. Once you see little to no dye coming off of your shirt, you can take off all rubber bands and materials used holding it together. Do one last good rinse in hot water, making sure you see little to no dye coming off of your shirt. Lastly, put it in the washer by itself on a cold water setting, with no detergent, (you can wash it with other tie dyes in this wash, just not your regular clothes yet), and make sure to get it out of the washer the very moment the cycle is complete. Hang dry.

After you've washed out your tie-dye for the first time like the instructions above, it is safe to wash with your dark clothes. Tie-dyes tend to keep their color the best when hung dry, but they will still look great if you machine dry them.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions during this process at and enjoy your new tie-dye!