Dance & Enjoi Tie Dyed Shirt

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Hand printed and tie dyed by Lively Vibes.

Each shirt is handmade so allow for a little variance, although we try and make each shirt look the same.

We recommend washing on cold and hang drying for optimal care.

S-XL will be our new organic cotton, roughly the same thickness, noticeable softer and the shirts run an 1"or so longer than our typical cotton.

XXL-4XL will be on the regular cotton we've used in the past.

Fits true to size.



When you buy our organic cotton, you are supporting farmers that do not use harmful pesticides on the cotton. Not only is using pesticides leading to health issues in these farmers, it’s putting tons of unnecessary chemicals into the soil and is slowly but surely making that land an unsuitable place to grow anything. Not to mention they are softer and more comfortable! By choosing our organic cotton option, you’re supporting the farmers that are out there doing things the right way. The hard way. All for a better Earth. 

Please read our environmental section for all our efforts towards sustainability.