The Feeler and The Thinker Crocheted Beanie

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Handmade crocheted hat made by Becca (the co-owner of Lively Vibes) ❤️

I will always name each hat I make the recurring thought I have while making it, and for this one my recurring thought was the Feeler and the Thinker. Or in other words, those that have the capability to guide themselves through life using their feelings and their thoughts, not just being dominated by one or the other. The rainbow in this hat portraying feelings, and the black and white portraying thoughts. Enjoy 🙂

• One of a kind hat, I’ll never make one exactly like it

•One size fits most

• 100% acrylic yarn

• It is stretchy but recommended for an average adult sized head 

• Detachable Pom Pom for washing (comes on and off with an easy snap button)

• Recommended to wash in a delicates bag on a cold water setting and hung dry 

• Lifetime repair guarantee; if your hat ever catches a snag I’ll repair it for free, just email me at with “Repair Inquiry” in the subject title and we’ll get it taken care of.